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10 Gifts for the Green Beauty Lover

Hello everyone! With all the shopping going on this holiday season, I wanted to bring you some Holiday Gift Guides to inspire or help you narrow down what's in your carts. The "Green Beauty" movement is finally moving into the mainstream and the cosmetics industry is finally taking notice that chemical ingredients and synthetics are not ideal for our health. Personally speaking, I grew up in a household where my Mom taught me the benefits of natural, homemade remedies for skin and hair, so it's always been something I was acutely aware of.

To make your lives easier, I wanted to introduced some themed guides in the next couple of weeks between my regular blog posts.

I have used many of these products, but being an Esthetician and Makeup Artist I'm constantly trying new things. All of the products mentioned I definitely would buy for myself, family and girlfriends! So come along for the ride and discover some new favorites!

1. Farmacy Beauty is straight from the farm to your face, their cutting-edge formulas combine science with natural healing ingredients. The Double Cleanse duo is your clean dream team. The Clean Bee gel cleanser is ultra gentle while it lifts away dirt with honey and hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin. And the Green Clean balm melts away makeup with its cream to oil texture. Shop here use code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off everything plus get FREE shipping on orders $40 or more.

Detoxifying Clay Mask and Scrub set $54.95

2. So Well is a brand I've been interested in lately! They strive to create natural simple products that are handmade and ecologically conscious. They are passionate about what they do and make products with a purpose like this Detoxifying Clay Face Mask and Scrub set. Made with Himalayan salt water and Bentonite clay, all of their skincare is cruelty-free and organic. They also make gourmet and holistic home items, so stay tuned for more posts about this good for the planet brand! Shop here use code H2018 to get FREE shipping on domestic orders $99 or more.

3.4.5. Julep is another green beauty brand and I'm currently using the Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Oil, Detoxifying Cleansing Stick and the Boost Your Radiance Facial Oil! It's a part of the Korean skincare method and this trio has kept my face smooth, hydrated and bright! I use this with their optional charcoal konjac sponge. Shop here everything site wide is 40% off use code JULEP12DAYS

No Filter Blemish Relief Kit $85.00

6. Penny & Pine is a newer brand you might not be familiar with, but it's special because it was exclusively created for brides! This is what they stand for... "Our mission: We believe in the importance of caring about what goes on your skin. We’ve ditch the chemicals, never test on animals, use natural & organic ingredients whenever possible, and only treat your skin the way we would treat our own." This set is for those with blemish-prone skin who want a salicylic acid based formulation that includes an exfoliating toner, overnight spot treatment and an on-the-go blemish stick.

I know from working with dozens of brides the importance of preparing the skin. And being an Esthetician, I've always emphasized the use of quality products. The wedding industry has come a long way and it's good to see so many options. Shop here get FREE domestic shipping on all orders now through 12/31/19.

Bright Eyes eye mask $30.00 for a pack of 5

7. 100% Pure is exactly what their name says! They only use ingredients from nature and are also an environmentally sustainable beauty company. All products have a special delivery process to ensure their nutrients get to your skin and absorption. I love these eye masks because they're perfect to pop on when I'm getting ready in the morning while doing my makeup. Made of aloe Vera, they will soothe and de-puff tired eyes. For added benefit, keep them in fridge for extra cooling relief! I love their makeup too because it is naturally dyed with fruit pigments. Shop here save 15% off everything, but hurry because the Friends& Family sale ends 12/10/19 with FREE shipping on domestic orders over $50.

Bestseller Cream of the Crop set $42.00

8. Farmacy Beauty does some really great gift sets, this one has three of their best sellers! The Green Clean makeup meltaway cleansing balm, the Honey Potion renewing antioxidant hydration mask and the Honey Drop lightweight moisturizer. Shop here use code HOLIDAY20 and get 20% off everything plus get FREE shipping on orders over $40.

Josie Maran 8-piece Whipped Argan Butter Creamery set $84.50

9. Josie Maran, former model turned #bossbabe, this collection features her hero ingredient Argan Oil! Her products are certified cruelty-free are are naturally unpretentious. I've tried almost every scent of these amazing creams and let me tell you they are pure luxury. Each one a little yummy treat with scents that don't overpower yet uplift. My faves are: Birthday Treat, Vanilla Hazelnut and Italian Amaretto! You definitely have to try this collection, I will be gifting to myself this year for sure! Shop here

Beekman 1802 set of four soaps $39.95

10. Beekman 1802 This brand's philosophy is beauty and home products straight from the farm, not the lab. First of all I use these amazing soaps every single day! They are ultra-moisturizing and last forever. My favorite scent is the Vanilla Absolute and are made with 100% goat's milk. Shop here

There you are, some really great #greenbeauty skincare products I hope you'll be inspired to gift and try. Many of these brands are running special promotions for the holidays and I've listed them beside the descriptions. Some of these links are *affiliate links and I may be compensated a small commission if you purchase through them, however all products are independently selected and recommended by me 100%! Don't forget to join my Member's Community to like, follow and share my blog! Look for my next gift guide coming soon!



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