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12 wedding day beauty tips you have to know before your big day arrives!

Your wedding day beauty deserves considerable planning too. So to avoid the most common beauty blunders prepare yourself sooner rather than later for your big day!

1. Create a skincare regimen. Start using treatments that are appropriate for your skin type. I recommend that you start seeing an Esthetician at least 6 months before your wedding to get personalized recommendations and guidance.

2. Develop a sleep schedule! One of the most important tips is getting your beauty rest.

3. Start a healthy eating and fitness plan. Not necessarily to lose weight, but so you can feel your best on your big day and beyond.

4. Book a pre-wedding makeup trial. If you are hiring a professional artist please do your research and schedule an appointment. You'll thank me later!

5. Make sure your foundation is "photo friendly". Knowing this in advance is crucial regarding how the lighting will affect your wedding photography.

6. Schedule some tooth whitening sessions or begin at home treatments. Nothing is more beautiful than a bright smile.

7. If you are doing your own wedding makeup, invest in quality brushes and make sure they are clean and ready to go for your wedding day.

8. Take some test photos or "selfies" of your everyday makeup to give your makeup artist something to compare to for your trial. It's much better for us to see how you look in everyday life rather than using a random celebrity's photo.

9. Make sure your best gals and guys have their grooming essentials before the big day. It will be less stressful for you and a way to exchange beauty some beauty tips with each other.

10. Schedule a spa day or beauty day. By getting your bridal party involved is not only fun, but a bonding experience you'll always remember.

11. Please DO NOT get any waxing services the day before your wedding! Enough said.

12. Finally, pamper yourself daily with meditation or other positive thoughts. There's nothing more beautiful than a bride who radiates an inner glow on her wedding day!

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