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7 Ways to Update Your Summer Skincare Routine

With the Summer fast approaching, now is the time to update your skincare routine. During the hot, sticky days you want to feel clean, fresh and protected from the sun's rays. Here are some amazing products I'm currently obsessing over so you can get a jump-start with

7 ways to update Your Summer Skincare Routine

Perfect Your All-Day Glow

Farmacy Beauty Golden Hour Duo is a dynamic duo for around-the-clock glow! Apply Honeymoon Glow night serum to resurface + clarify skin, then apply our ultra-hydrating face oil to lock in moisture overnight. Wake up to a gorgeous glow that’ll last all day long. This set contains the HONEYMOON GLOW AHA resurfacing night serum HONEY GRAIL ultra-hydrating face oil. Receive FREE shipping on orders $40 or more at checkout.

Go Makeup Free

Give your face a break and go some days "sans" makeup! Not only will your skin get a chance to breath by not having layers of product on it; you'll also get a boost to your self-confidence by enjoying the realness of it all. Start getting facials from an Esthetician on a monthly basis to deep clean, hydrate and boost cell turnover.

Carry a Face Mist Everywhere!

Try the Yuni Glow Between Jelly Micro Mist. A moisturizing mist that contains ethically sourced Mica to add a touch of glow, Licorice Root to help reduce the appearance of dark spots, and Hibiscus Oil to improve the appearance of skin’s tone and texture. Marine algae helps maintain your glowing complexion while aiding your skin to combat environmental stressors you come in contact with as you conquer your day. Get FREE shipping when you spend over $50 and receive 3 samples with this Coupon Code.

Always Wear an SPF

Protect your skin from UV damage daily. The Credo Sun Set is a 4-piece collection with bestselling and reef-safe sun care and SPF products has everything you need to prepare for the warm weather, and to sooth your skin after a day in the sun. Credo has hand picked some of their bestselling, clean sun care products. Since your skin absorbs what you put on it, using "cleaner" suncare products will benefit you in the long term. Get FREE shipping when you spend over $50 and receive 3 samples with this Coupon Code.

Refresh Your Tresses

The G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Scalp Shampoo is an ultra-foamy, exfoliating and purifying shampoo and scalp scrub that's great for all hair types and works to nourish the scalp using ingredients including mineral-rich himalayan pink salt, nourishing moringa oil, and pure rosehip oil. Get FREE shipping when you spend over $50 and receive 3 samples with this Coupon Code.

Detox With a Mask

During Summer months your skin is more prone to break-outs, so I recommend using the Osea Black Algae Flash Mask a Detoxifying 2-in-1 Mask + Exfoliant for a Brighter Complexion. Reveal a renewed complexion in minutes. This highly active flash mask detoxes and exfoliates lackluster skin for a visibly brighter and exceptionally smooth complexion. Fig, Pineapple, and Pumpkin deliver enzymatic exfoliation, reducing surface impurities, while eco-friendly Jojoba Spheres provide manual exfoliation for an immediate glow. Hematite and Organic Algae replenish moisture, firm and visibly minimize signs of aging. Get FREE shipping when you spend over $50 and receive 3 samples with this Coupon Code.

Boost Skin with a Supplement

Try adding a nutritional supplement to your diet like Hum Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow

Gummies. These vegan dietary supplements contain Vitamins C, E and hyaluronic acid to bind moisture to the skin and stimulate collagen. Remember glowing skin begins from the inside out! Enjoy this coupon code for $10 off your first order.

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