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Creating The Life You Desire

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes? Like whenever you take a step forward, out of no where you get knocked down again! Creating the life you want need not be complicated. It just takes some organization and the proper mindset to achieve.

As women, we personify many roles: nurturer, teacher, partner, but most of all we are Leaders! I fully believe that you deserve to attain your dreams. It does take some effort, however the process to self-discovery should be exciting and well thought out. I started journaling at a very young age and it's always been a tangible way for me to express myself without limitations.

To help keep track of the many "lists" we have......we need to put pen to paper. The first priority is to write down your passions; your likes/dislikes, favorite places to travel and all the things that inspire you to #dream.

The Leaders in Heels Phenomenal Woman Planner is the perfect accessory to capture life's daily moments. It's a great way to encourage you to keep pursuing your #goals. Remember it's never to late to begin again no matter your age or your circumstances. Knock and the door will be opened. I've partnered with this amazing brand to highlight their products with a purpose.

The Phenomenal Woman planner keeps you motivated with:

  • Inspirational quotes to boost your confidence and uplifting messages that remind you can do it!

  • Pages to define your goals, intentions and values

  • A place for rewards when you reach your goals

  • Weekly spreads with your top three weekly and daily priorities and to-do lists

  • Once a month check-ins to gauge your progress

  • An area to visualize your life's purpose

  • Daily trackings for health and wellness: water intake, exercise, gratitude

  • A spot for lessons learned and much more...

This planner will make a great gift for yourself and any other lady who wants to lead with more confidence, passion, determination,creativity, innovation and kindness! You can shop for this planner by clicking here or any of the photos above.



*This is an affiliate link, but the endorsement is my own.



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