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Focusing on the beauty within

As a photographer I see beauty in everything and everyone. My camera is a tool that I use to be completely present in a moment in time and capture that beauty. When it comes to photographing people I really tune into their energy. So I feel that I am sensitive to their emotional needs and feelings because having your photo taken is vulnerable. We all have insecurities and our minds seem to go right to them when we are before a camera. However our "flaws" are just a reflection of how we perceive ourselves. Learning how to embrace every inch of our body and finding gratitude for it in some way is the key to feeling confident and whole. It is your birth right to feel good in the skin you are in! This is what I am passionate about teaching women through symbolic imagery.

Stepping into my power and embracing every inch of my body.

What makes you feel alive? What are your passions and what brings you joy? Asking yourself these questions is so important because when you have the answers they lead you to a fulfilled life. Celebrating your natural attributes and creating space in your life to feed your soul is crucial to feeling good about yourself. So many of us get caught up in the hamster wheel of life and going through the motions of what we think we're supposed to do. Fear of judgement can really interfere with celebrating our individuality. I love creating a safe and non judgemental environment for women to identify what these things are for themselves. I then capture photos of them doing what it is that they love.

Nadine sings from her soul.

Julie dances her heart out.

Alicia honors stepping out of the darkness and into her inner light.

Nicole journals and channels her inner peace.

Victoria explores in nature and cleanses her spirit.

We all possess beauty within ourselves. Every single one of us. Take some time to feel your beauty. It will contribute to your self-worth and self-confidence in such a positive way. Some of my favorite ways to practice self-care are practicing yoga, journaling, creating art, and spending time in nature. You will be in awe of the positive changes and transformation you experience when you make it a priority to nourish your soul.

Jennifer Roth is a passionate photographer, certified yoga instructor, and co author of the Amazon international best selling book Women who Impact. She is on a mission to help empower women. She believes that all women deserve a journey of self-discovery. Through her work she wants to provide the tools to help women transform into a more authentic version of themselves. All while creating symbolic images through photos that represent their beauty and power. By acknowledging limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and feelings of unworthiness she uses meditation, yoga, and intuitive guidance to coach women to tune into their inner magic. She also enjoys photographing heart centered events and creating symbolic images for women entrepreneurs that tell their story in a unique way.

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