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How to Create a Memorable Bridal Shower Without Spending Money!

Who doesn't love a great party? Now that you're getting married there are so many events leading up to the big day and it can get expensive fast! A wedding is a huge investment, but you need to prioritize each event sensibly, but I believe that you can still enjoy #luxury without going overboard.

After the announcement of your engagement, which is usually an intimate affair comes the bridal shower. So save time, money and stress with these ideas from me an event planner specializing in F-U-N!

Here's how to create a memorable bridal shower without spending money!

First things first the venue: Pick a location or space that's free like a park or a friend's home. That way you save a lot of money to use elsewhere.

Attend a store event. Why not combine two favorite things: socializing and shopping! Most department store events are free and they would love for you to host your shower. How about a makeup master class for you and your #bride squad! You can gather your girls for a private beauty session, even bring your gifts while enjoying food, fun and shopping with great ambiance.

Keep your guests engaged with fun activities like a selfie-station or photo booth!

Food is one of the most important elements, so host a brunch or tea party. Not only is it easier, but it's more economical and full of variety!

A tea party is a fun idea with endless possibilities.

Memories of your bridal shower will last a lifetime.

So you see you can have an amazing bridal shower without spending a dime! Focus on what's really important...surrounding yourself with the people who support you the most and are happy for you!

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