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The 8 Wedding Trends For 2019 You Need to Know

Planning a wedding can be an ordeal, especially if you're not being true to yourselves as a couple. With this in mind, 2019 will be the year of more personalization and a return to chill in weddings. Read on for the 8 best wedding trends that you'll want to incorporate when you say "I Do?"

Weddings will focus on being more festive this year!

1. Backyard Weddings

Perfect for the laid-back couple who just wants to celebrate surrounded by close family and friends. Weddings at home are highly intimate and personal and allow you both to really take in every moment.

2. Cakes are Back!

Especially designs with fondant and texture. Dessert tables are still popular too, however your wedding cake is the star! So make sure you show it off appropriately.

3. Minimalism and Sustainability are In

Couples are looking to be less wasteful and over the top this year with everything from food stations to centerpieces to table decor. They are very conscious of reducing waste and being more eco-minded with their weddings being reflective of their everyday lives together.

4. Foliage and Greenery

Although weddings will move away from the totally rustic look, some decor elements will remain. Like using natural foliage, plants and florals that are relevant to their surroundings.

5. Signs

Signage will be less crafty and more practical. Just enough to direct guests to their seats by subtlety blending in.

6. Invitations

Wedding stationary will be less monograms and feature more details like special fonts, graphics and symbols native to your location.

7. Understated Dresses

Wedding dresses will be minimal in design yet constructed with intricate stitching, lace, appliques and other feminine flowy details. White still tops the list, but pastels and gold are also popular in 2019. The most important thing is wearing something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in and shows your personal style!

8. Micro Weddings

A micro wedding is not only a more intimate gathering, but it's easier to throw a big fabulous party and remain within budget! Also, you're able to spend more time with all of your family and friends and celebrate their special moments. At your wedding, you should be surrounded by those who truly mean the most to both of you and want to share that love!

At smaller weddings, couples can celebrate everyone! Courtesy Love Me Do Photography

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