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The Anxiety-Free Way to Choosing Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

With 300 acres of green pastures, this is the perfect backdrop for your ceremony!" Photo Love Me Do Photography

You're engaged! Now what? You don't know how many times I've asked women where they're getting married and heard's a mermaid style with lace and it has a cathedral train. With raised eyebrows, I'm like O.K, but where? Well before you decide on the dress or pick the DJ there's one important decision to make that everything else revolves around.... where do you see yourself getting married? The venue is a major spoke to the wheel of wedding planning and will dictate the theme of your wedding.

As we move into 2019, one popular theme will be the rustic luxe wedding. Now this trend is not your typical mason jar, wood slice affair, but a more luxurious modern spin on what we've seen previously. With more refined and botanical elements, you will certainly want your choice of venue to compliment the aesthetic. So if you're on the east coast, here's my venue spotlight of beautiful Johnson's Locust Hall Farm located in Jobstown, New Jersey.

June is still the most popular month for weddings, so if you're planning an outdoor affair next year in Southern NJ, Johnson's Locust Hall Farm is the ideal setting that's both rustic and luxurious. Still fairly new to the game of weddings, this family owned and operated farm hasn't wasted anytime pulling in the accolades. The Johnson's have already been voted the "Best New Farm" by South Jersey Magazine in 2016! Here's a checklist for brides to keep in mind when choosing an outdoor venue:

1) Location, location, location. Where your ceremony takes place is geographically important; whether it's your hometown or your dream destination make sure it reflects your style as a couple and gives off the vibe you want as hosts to your family and friends. For all you warm and fuzzy personality types, an outdoor venue exudes openness and warmth.

2) Save The Date! Make sure the place you want is available when you want. Inquire to see if any other weddings are taking place on the same day as yours, if any?

Outdoor wedding venues are a photographer's dream due to all the natural light. Courtesy of venue

3) Be aware of the weather forecast because this is a huge component for an outdoor ceremony. However, just like with anything else during your planning, have an alternative in place. This venue is great because the breezeway barn offers open-air appeal courtesy of the four- piece sliding barn doors replete with spectacular views of the farm!

4) Capacity is something you need to factor in. How small or large do you want your wedding to be? Johnson Locust Hall is great because it can accommodate intimate weddings as small as 50 people or upwards of 150 if you desire something grander.

The breezeway barn accommodates indoor and outdoor seating and includes a patio out front. Photo Mary and Roy Photography

5) You want to find out if your venue provides its own catering on the premises, requires you to utilize a preferred vendor list or if they offer kitchen facilities if you hire your own? Do they provide you with linens, flatware, glassware, tables and chairs?

6) Check to see if the venue requires an

order of service, like what time and where you can cut the cake? Do they provide the cake and if there is a cutting fee? Or can you bring in a cake of your choice?

7) Make sure if there are any restrictions for music regarding volume or curfew? Be mindful that just because you're outside that there are still city noise ordinances to abide by. Also make sure they can accommodate the equipment set-up for the DJ or band.

The 17th century Farmhouse has a lovely bridal suite and groom's lounge perfect for getting ready!

8) Inquire if there is a time limit that your reception must end by? If there is a bar, a time limit might be imposed dependent upon the venue's liquor license. What's included and if alcohol consumption is priced per person? Ask about if you can bring your own beverages as well?

9) Make sure you check about parking, accessibility and if there are special accommodations for your guests that need them. For instance, how far is it from the ceremony site to the reception area?

Vaulted ceilings in the Stone Barn feature grand lighting installations like this wagon wheel bring the modern luxe to this rustic setting. Photo Freckled Perspective Photography

The spacious layout of this venue lends itself to cozy and romantic sitting are as like this! Photo Freckled Perspective Photography

10) If you're having a civil ceremony, find out if your venue is licensed for this and if they can execute this? Also inquire if there are certain restrictions on candles, confetti and fireworks? These elements tend to be forgotten.

The beautiful Stone Barn dates back to 1787 is 2,000 sq. ft and features iron stone. Courtesy of venue

Now I probably could give you about 50 more tips, but these are the most crucial factors during the initial stages when choosing your venue. It does really benefit you as a couple to have a wedding planner because they are your advocate during this lengthy process! I'm available to consult with you via chat or contact me here to get you started with your wedding planning!

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