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The Top 10 French Skincare Brands You Should Know!

10. Nuxe

This brand is a leader in anti-aging categories in French pharmacies. All Nuxe products contain active ingredients sourced from plants and many are cult classics, including the popular dry oil Huile Prodigieuse the #1 oil in France.

9. Sothys

This spa brand has been setting the standards of professional beauty for over 60 years. Sothys is known for bringing advanced #skincare and expert skillfulness to the masses exclusively through spas across the world. Backed by science, this brand combines well-being and technology to produce cosmeceuticals featuring marine and botanical actives found at 20,000 spas in 115 countries globally.

8. Vichy

This clinical range has been creating skincare for more than 80 years. Committed to improving the health of skin of all ages, Vichy epitomizes French Beauty by advocating proper skin care at an early age. All Vichy products are formulated with a team of doctors to ensure products for stronger, healthier skin.

7. Yves Rocher

This all natural brand is botanically based and famous for its promotional gifts. Founded 50 years ago in Bretagne, France this ethically sourced line is good for your skin as well as the planet. Known for botanical #beauty, Yves Rocher is committed to respecting the environment and can trace all of their ingredients from the plant to your first application because they make their own products. The formulas are created by botanists sourced with plant extracts from 5 continents and from more than 18 countries and always employing fair trade practices.

6. Biotherm

This brand's story begins in the unspoiled territory of the French Pyrenees. Called the "Healing Fountain", is where their Life Plankton™ is found and is the main ingredient in all of their products. Biotherm has developed a unique process of biofermentation that promotes healing to the skin using thermal plankton extract from mountain springs. The name Biotherm is a combination of "Biology" and "Thermal" and is believed to encourage eternal youth.

5. L'Occitanne

Founded in 1976 this internationally known company celebrates Provence traditions by preserving the art of making face, body and fragrances. The brand's name means "the Occitan woman (in Provence)" and epitomizes the southern region of France with its luxurious ingredients and native plants such as lavender. Besides France, the company ethically employs fair trade practices for its shea butter used in all of its skin and bodycare products. With many bestsellers like the Immortelle Collection, L'Occitanne is always on the cutting edge of advanced and effective skincare.

4. La Roche - Posay

Since 1975, this line has been committed to creating dermatological skincare for those who need it most. Suitable for the most sensitive skin types, La Roche - Posay is formulated with the utmost in safety and efficacy using thermal waters from France containing selenium and other antioxidant-rich ingredients.

3. Bioderma

This brand's motto is healthy skin. At the forefront of the science of skincare since the 1970's, Bioderma is an expert at combining biology and dermatology. True innovators in the areas of sensitive, dehydrated and oily skins this line has always been dedicated to creating firsts like the cult classic Sensibo H2O, which is the only dermatological micellar water.

2. Yon-ka

Founded in 1954, this French skin care brand was the leader in aromatherapy. Based on 5 keys points: nature, science, efficacy, high touch experience and wellness. As an Esthetician I've utilized this line and seen effective results, but trust me because you haven't had an aromatherapy facial until you've had one with Yon-ka!

1. Caudalie

In 1993 a husband and wife team in Bordeaux, France discovered the benefits of grape-seed Polyphenols at their family's vineyard. The vines and the fruit provided superior powers for the skin and 2 years later Caudalie Vinotherapie was born. Formulated with natural ingredients and always paraben-free, they were the first to use Resveratrol in their creams and serums. There are many cult classics: like the ever popular Beauty Elixer Spray (Makeup Artists secret weapon) and Premier Cru, a winner of 5 awards from the beauty industry and sold every 3 minutes worldwide. My personal favorites are: the Instant Foaming Cleanser, Radiance Serum and the Concentrated Brightening Essence.

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