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The Top 5 Gifts To Buy Your Co-workers for the Holidays!

Give the perfect gifts for your office mates.

It's that time of year again, when you're trying to figure out what to buy your co-workers during the holidays? Let's face it, we spend more time with these folks that they've become like family. So the popular go to's like #gift #cards, #candy, #candles are certainly nice, but I have some ideas on how to give something a little more meaningful without sacrificing your budget that are all under $50.

A 12-month day planner is great gift idea, especially before the New Year! The Make It Happen Planner by #LeadersInHeels is so much more with space for long-term goal planning, daily water intake and personal development. It will instill confidence and motivate you everyday with amazing inspirational quotes from empowering women leaders. What better sentiment to give than the gift of self-esteem and intentional living.

Who doesn't need a useful little bag for all of their beauty and grooming goodies, right? The Sandra Smith Inspire bag is made of vegan leather and reveals a hidden message inside! Customize the message and the color of the lining for that special person. Ideal for him or for her to hold makeup or men's grooming products.

Put your cooking skills to good use and either gift a homemade baked good or another special dish to someone at work. Meal prepping is the latest trend, so you could even gift some pre-made meals and snacks to your office mate who is known to skip lunches. Shop a supermarket like Aldi and for about $50, you can prep at least a week's worth of meals!

A homemade food item is always nice and from the heart.

Picasso had to start somewhere! Frida wasn't just known for her uni-brow alone! Artists have always projected an air of mystery and yet this medium is also very therapeutic. It perfectly aligns itself to the self-care movement of today, so it would make a wonderful gift for a co-worker and inspire some great team building kudos as well! Studios like Pinot's Palette are fun places to have your favorite beverage while being taught by a local artist. Click the link for classes near you.

Now I'm not advocating you spend even more time on your phones than you should! But technology does make things easier when used in a productive way. Give the gift of your favorite health, wellness, bible, or quotes of the day App. Encourage your office mate during major milestone events like: shed for the wed, learning a new language or reading that epic novel they've always wanted to! Maybe you'll even inspire your entire team to join you both and set the example of a much happier and healthier workplace for 2019!

For the Techie at your job.

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