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Top 5 Reasons For Starting a Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry should be the least stressful thing you embark on pre-wedding! It really is a fun experience to curate items that are his, hers and ours together. Let's begin with my best practices that will come in handy on your next trip to the department store and some insider tips along the way.

1. Identify Your "Type"

Are you a foodie couple? A techie or Green couple? Your personalities will have a major influence on your likes and dislikes. Which one of you enjoys cooking the meals, entertaining or giving back to charity? If you've been living together you might be somewhat accustomed to these answers, but newlywed essentials will take on a whole new meaning if you'll be moving in for the first time post-wedding.

Yours, mine and ours! The registry experience is one of your first forays in compromise.

2. Start Early

Most couples think that starting their registries immediately after they're engaged is premature....actually it's not. Most in-store/online registries these days have loyalty and rewards programs that begin when you sign-up, so the the sooner you enroll means more savings to benefit from! *secret tip... Always try to go in person and speak with a Bridal Advisor because they know all the hidden perks and really know how to maximize your registry by saving you money!

You want to add items that will make your lives easier and fun to use everyday.

3. Make a List

Not only will it keep you organized, but you will be able to see at a glance what's needed for every room in your house. There's nothing more stressful than adding random things that don't go together or are impractical!Instead plan it out to see where there are gaps then enjoy the process.

4. Share the Love

The same family and friends that celebrated with you during your big day would love an invite over to your love nest somewhere down the road. And since you don't want to live in a bubble having nice dinnerware and glassware is important. It doesn't have to be formal unless you want it to be, but something nice that you enjoy using and that will last!

Don't save the good stuff just for entertaining, but use it everyday.

5. Have Fun!

Above all else, live in the moment and savor every opportunity to build your domesticated lives together! Creating a wedding registry is a great experience in team building and it's also one of many fun experiences to share with your future partner!

This is the start of something beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed my tips, besides having my own business I am also a Bridal Consultant for a national department store. I advise hundreds of couples on a monthly basis, so if you'd like a free consult email me here. Please Subscribe to my blog to keep up on all of my wedding tips and announcements of events. Follow, like and share and tell me what you want to see more of too!



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