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What's Happy, Bright and Orange All Over? Meet Pantone's 2019 Color Of The Year

Get ready for Living Coral! Butter London is also the official U.S. beauty partner. Courtesy of brand

Pantone® has introduced Living Coral 16-1546, "an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone", as its color of the year for 2019. Expect to see this vibrant shade everywhere in the upcoming year from fashion to decor to weddings and especially beauty! This shade will be ultra flattering and very wearable to so many because of its warm undertone.

In fact, Butter London is the official U.S. beauty partner with Pantone and has continued their annual collaboration with an amazing new collection! Coral gives me life whenever I wear it and it really is a happiness inducing shade of orange. Although the full six piece collection won't be released until January, Butter London is making available three mini-sized nail lacquers in beautiful and different finishes. First, the Patent Shine 10x creme finish is so smooth and buttery and will give you that freshly polished nails shine. Next is their Peel-off Glitter formula, which is a fun and easy to remove formula that you won't have to scrub your nails with sandpaper to remove! The trio completes with the Diamonds Patent 10x Shine nail lacquer which is a combo of the other two and this eight-free formula removes normally with a shimmer finish.

I'll be blogging about this color forecast a lot! As a Makeup Artist and a Wedding Pro, this will be seen in every industry and I'm looking forward to sharing with you. So stay tuned for so many tips and updates by subscribing to my blog by joining my Members Community. It's the only way you can Follow, Like and Share all of my posts. Talk soon!!!

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