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Why You Should Be Using a Retinol Serum

Retinol is the clinical term for Vitamin A or vitamin A derivative and here's why you should incorporate this age-eraser into your skin care routine immediately before you say "I Do"! It's proven to firm, smooth lines and wrinkles and lighten dark spots by stimulating cell turnover. And it's a great treatment for acne as well, however be sure to use this potent ingredient at night and follow-up with a SPF of 30 or more during the day. Here's my top 5 choices for clean retinol serums.

1. Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Luna works throughout the night to help deliver more visibly youthful, luminous, even-toned skin in the morning. Why I Love It: Trans-retinoic acid ester (retinol) complex helps reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles, while visibly improving the signs of premature aging, including fine lines, uneven texture, age spots, dryness and dullness. Balanced with blue tansy and German chamomile essential oils, which are both rich in soothing, blue azulene, the look of surface redness is visibly balanced for a calm, even-toned complexion. It is suitable for all skin types.

2. Mara Evening Primrose + Green Tea Algae Retinol Oil 

 This treatment oil is good for all skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination and normal.

Why I Love It: The is a luxurious nighttime oil that will help you to achieve radiantly clear skin.  The Algae Retinol Face Oil soaks your skin with powerful algae extracts, 1.2% retinol, and natural sources of vitamin A to aid in cellular turnover and help reveal healthy new cells and help soften the signs of aging.

This vitamin rich superhero serum helps to boosts the hydration barrier as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pores and uneven texture by drenching your complexion with hemp-derived cannabis oil.  The oil contains the 20 known amino acids and free radical fighting antioxidants from fermented green tea. Phytonutrient powerhouse, brown seaweed and evening primrose, help to plump up the skin’s appearance and lock in moisture for a radiantly clear glow that’s always hydrated and never dry. 

Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

Is a night time facial serum that's good for all skin types, especially acne prone skin

Why I Love It: this product is an herbal alternative to retinoid preparations, and helps to renew and revitalize skin while refining texture and minimizing the appearance of pores. This natural serum helps to plump and even skin tone while working to diminish the appearance of blemishes. The powerhouse ingredients include Fermented Pumpkin Enzymes which help to soften and refine skin for a refreshed and evened tone.

Graydon Fullmoon Serum

This product is a regenerating and hydrating serum best for dry, mature and sensitive skin looking for an anti aging boost. It's good for all skin types including mature. 

Why I Love It: Graydon Fullmoon Serum is loaded with all your favorite actives that help reduce signs of aging. Perfect for every skin type, this feather light formula will help regenerate skin with natural retinol and hyaluronic acid and calms with blue tansy. Worn solo, or blended with your favorite face oil or moisturizer, you can't help but notice a more supple, smooth skin and a more radiant complexion.

Tula Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum

This milky, concentrated serum specifically targets the look of deep wrinkles and lines by combining natural probiotics with retinol and Vitamin C. Targets the look of deep wrinkles and restores the look of volume and elasticity. Protects against environmental toxins that may lead to premature skin aging and irritate the skin. Contains 100% natural probiotics to nourish the skin. Suitable for all skin types and all ages – ideal for those who are starting to notice deeper wrinkles.

*some of the links in this post are affiliates, which means I may receive a small commission. All products are independently recommended by me and backed by my credentials as an Esthetician.

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